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Scholarships for $1000 apiece presented to OCHS Seniors, 5/26/2021  

web april 22.jpg
               April 2022
First Check Presentation to
Veteran Equine Therapy Stables
web may 22.jpg
                  May 2022
Group Photo at Completion of Flag Placements
web july 22.jpg
              May 30, 2022
Bill Archer sitting with Marmora Fire Chief Jay Newman at Osprey Point Ceremony
web july 22-2.jpg
              May 30, 2022
Bill Eisele placing the Wreath at the Osprey Point Ceremony
web july 22-1.jpg
              May 30, 2022
Don Marple Playing Taps at
Osprey Point Ceremony
web June 2022-2.jpg
                 June 6, 2022
Ocean City High School Scholarships Award Night
With Bill Archer and Paul Sutton

web june 2022-1.jpg
                 June 9, 2022
Upper Township Academic Awards Presentation With George Strunk and Bill Archer
web june 2022-3.jpg
                June 17, 2022
Ted Behr/Vernon Clark Award
Recipient with Bill Archer
web june 2022.jpg
                   June 2022
Bill Archer at Dept Convention
web july 22-3.jpg
                                   July 13, 2022
We held our meeting at Veteran Equine Therapy Stables and Presented another check.
Web july 22-5.jpg
                         July 24, 2022
Bill Archer and Bill Eisele At 4-H Fair Flag Raising Ceremony. Presenting the 4-H Director the New Flag to be flown.
web july22-6.jpg
                          July 24, 2022
Veterans gather for the cutting of the old flag to be disposed of.  Bill Eisele doing the cutting.
Web Aug 22.jpg
                             Aug 10, 2022
Noah Wertzberger was sponsored by the Post for Boys State. He came to our meeting to relay how it went and to show us his Eagle Scout Project, which we donated to.
Web july22-4.jpg
                           July 24, 2022
Bill Archer and Bill Eisele Removed the Old Flag
and now raising the New one.
web july22-7.jpg
                          July 24, 2022
Bill Archer and Bill Eisele manning the Posts Tent
web Aug 22-1.jpg
                   August 10, 2022
Dennis Reed spoke on why the Post should make a donation to COTA, using a poster made of the child at the Convention.
Web Oct 22-1.jpg
Web Oct 22.jpg
           Oct 7, 2022
Ray Lambert Goes on
the Honor Flight
                      Oct 9, 2022
Flag Retirement and Disposal 
Ceremony at the Upper Township Fall Fest.
Web Oct 22-2.jpg
                 Oct 22, 2022
George Strunk and Bill Eisele man the booth at Apple Fest
Web Nov 22-2.jpg
                    Nov 11, 2022
Cape May County Veterans Day Ceremony
Web Nov 22-3.jpg
                    Nov 15, 2022
Check Presentation for Family Promise, with Dennis Reed and Bill Archer
Web Nov 22.jpg
                                      Nov 15, 2022
Elementary School Children visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Wildwood. 
Several Veterans were present to speak with the children. Bill Archer and Dennis Reed attended.
Web Nov 22-4.jpg
                  Nov 16, 2022
Commander Bill Archer presents donation to Lazarus House food bank.
POST 239 MEMBERS 2022.jpg

                       Dec 14, 2022
Last meeting of the Year, we went over 
                      Be The One!!

Web Dec 22-1.jpg
         Dec 17, 2022
Wreaths Across America Ceremony and Wreath Laying at the Cape May County Veterans Cemetery
Web Dec 22.jpg
wEB MAR 23.jpg
               March 2, 2023
Dennis Reed and Alvin Shepiro man our booth on first day of the AC Boat Show
Web Mar 23-1.jpg
                 March 3, 2023
Expanded the booth, Ray Lambert and Ed Kennedy manning the booth.
Web Mar 23-3.jpg
    March 4, 2023
Commander Archer
getting fishy.
Web Mar 23-4.jpg
                     March 22, 2023
Members of K-9 Warriors came to speak about their program and Post made donation.
Web Mar 23-6.jpg
                   March 29, 2023
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Ceremony at Barnegat High School Gym. 
WEb April 23.jpg
                    April 6, 2023
Bill Archer completes Guitars 4 Vets lessons and receives new guitar w/accessories
             April 30, 2023
Alvin Shepiro and Bill Archer attended the luncheon put on by Angels Community Outreach
Web May 23.jpg
                   May 6, 2023
NJ State Society SAR Color Guard Posting the Colors.
Web May 23-3.jpg
                              May 6, 2023
Upper Township Mayor Jay Newman presents the Post Commander Bill Archer with a Township Resolution
Web Mar 23-5.jpg
                             March 22, 2023
SAL Vice Commander Bill Murphy came to our meeting to talk about our members becoming dual members.
Web Mar 23-7.jpg
                         March 29, 2023
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Ceremony at Barnegat High School. Paul Sutton, Dennis Reed and Bill Archer Attended.
Web April 23-2.jpg
                        April 20, 2023
Post Members Dennis Reed, Charles Cauff, Don Marple, Arthur Oliver and Bill Archer went on Honor Flight
WEb May 23-1.jpg
                     May 6, 2023
Prior to the Grave Dedication for Ensign Henry Young of the American Revolution War, Bill Archer and Paul Sutton take a photo with Rev Deb Moore

Web May 23-2.jpg
                     May 6, 2023
Reverend Robert Costello, Pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church delivers the Invocation
Web May 23-4.jpg
May 6, 2023
Wreaths Placed at the Grave
Web May 23-7.jpg
                May 27, 2023
Bill Eisele at the Strawberry Fest
Web May 23-8.jpg
                  May 28, 2023
Ribbon Cutting at Simon Davies Museum. Simon doing the cutting flanked by his Grandfathers.
WEb May 23-9.jpg
                      May 28, 2023
Photo opp at end of Ceremony. Bill Archer and Dennis Reed with Simon Davies.
Web May 23-6.jpg
                    May 29, 2023
Taps being played at the Osprey Point Memorial Day Ceremony. Several Post members were in attendance.
                       June 2, 2023
Our Post made a Donation towards Cape May County Park Zoo's Dream night.
Front of T-Shirt
                     June 4, 2023
Eighty Eighth Annual Statewide Memorial Service at Locustwood Memorial Park

June 5, 2023
Commander Archer and Sr Vice Commander Ray Lambert are pictured above, presenting the 2 Students that are receiving our Scholarships.

           May 29, 2023
Ray Lambert playing Taps
           June 2, 2023
Back of Shirt with our Logo
                 June 4, 2023
Commander Bill Archer placing the Carnation on the wreath.
                          June 7, 2023
Upper Township Middle School Academic Award recipients with Commander Bill Archer
WEb June 2023-3.jpg
                                 June 8, 2023
                 First Day of District Convention.
Delegates Bill Archer and Dennis Reed in attendance.
                  June 9, 2023
This year's COTA family, with a second Child needing a Transplant.
Web June 2023.jpg
                                                         June 15, 2023
Commander Bill Archer accepts a Membership Citation and Streamer from Dept of NJ, presented by Joe Bisbing. These are for exceeding our membership totals from last year.
Web June 2023-4.jpg
Web June 2023-6.jpg
Web June 2023-5.jpg
                                                                        June 22, 2023
Commander Bill Archer attended The Boot Memorial at Vineland High School in support of South Jersey Volunteers for Veterans. American Legion Riders Chapter 352 participated in the Ceremony.
The field contained 5 Counties with each boot representing a KIA from the County. Actually found a boot with Post Member Dennis Reed's Uncle, KIA World War ll.
Web June 2023-7.jpg
                                                                           June 25, 2023
Commander Bill Archer participated in the 74th Annual High Point Memorial Service in Sussex. The Naval Sea Cadets brought their Honor Guard to be in the Parade. After the Ceremony went to Sussex Post 213 for BBQ.
                  June 27, 2023
Getting a jump on the new Membership year with a Membership Drive at the Vet Center.
358124528_595485276097189_2016611548665192151_n (1).jpg
                                              July 6, 2023
Commander Bill Archer was invited to take part in Operation Hook It Free Fishing event in Barnegat Light. The Captain donates his time and Boat.
More trips are scheduled all the time, To get on the list message us.
Stephen McGee.jpg
July 20, 2023
First Day of 4H Fair, Stephen McGee joined our Post
July 22, 2023
Pictured above Retired BG Jeffrey Pierson is cutting the Flag as 4 Post Members are pictured helping along with a Member from Post 198.
The Middle Township Police did the Honor Guard duties.
7 Post Members participated on Saturday: Ray Lambert, Don Marple, Bill Eisele, Paul Sutton, along with Prospect Ron Day are pictured. Dennis Reed, Alvin Shepiro(top photo) and Bill Archer.
20230729_113114 (1).jpg
20230729_115925 (1).jpg
July 29, 2023
Fun Time at the Soulsational in Bayville. We had to cut it a little short because of rain on the way.

August 12, 2023
A couple pictures from our Annual Golf Outing. The one on the left shows how the signs look at the rally point and on the Tess and Greens.
The one on the right is showing the Putting 50/50 contest setup.


September 21, 2023
NJ Run for the Fallen went from September 20-24 this year.
Dennis Reed was at one of the Hero Markers. In the photo Above John Volrath is Shown Saluting with the runners in North Wildwood on the 21st..

September 27, 2023
At our Regular Post Meeting, we held a special presentation event. In recognition of Mary Anne Devine's Retirement from Teaching and her Year's of Direct Involvement with Honor Flight, the Post presented her with a Plaque of Appreciation and a WalMart Gift Card.
Pictured Above: Prior to breaking for some refreshments we took a group Photo! It was put out to wear the Honor Flight shirt, if you could find it.
Pictured Below left: Sgt-at-Arms Dennis Reed starts things off with words of our Appreciation
Pictured Below middle: Here Dennis is presenting the plaque to Mary Ann, Not pictured is the Commander presenting the gift card to her.
Pictured Below right: Before reconvening the meeting PPC Dennis DeSalvo receives his Certificate from National for 50 years of Continuous Membership in the American Legion, he also received a 50 year pin from the Post.


October 8, 2023
We participated at the Upper Township Fall Fest, This is our double wide setup. We were near the Boy Scouts this year.


October 11, 2023
At our Regular Post meeting at Dino's, the Commander presents the Guardian Plaque given to the Post for its Support of Children's Welfare Foundation

October 10, 2023
The Post did a Blue Star Banner Presentation. Deputy Mayor Kim Hayes' Son, Aidan, is currently away serving with the US Coast Guard.
In the Photo to the left, Commander Bill Archer is giving a brief history of the Post.

Then Blue Star Banner Chairmain Bill Eisele gave the history of the Blue Star Banner program.

After Bill Eisele, Mayor Jay Newman gave the Biography of Aidan, who is a Fireman in the Coast Guard. It was special to him, since he is the Marmora Fire Chief.

Then the Commander presented the Blue Star Banner, followed by the Chairman presented the pins.
Once Completed, Kim Hayes spoke of how much she appreciates the Veterans in the Community and how the Community embraces them. She thanked the Post for the presentation.

October 23, 2023
Beirut Barracks Bombing Memorial Ceremony, War Memorial Building in Trenton.
Deputy Commissioner Vince Solomeno of DMAVA presents wreath from DMAVA

Waiting on Pic

October 14, 2023
The Post participated in the Apple Fest again this year, Had some rain off and on, but managed to only close down 1 hr early.

October 23, 2023
Commander Bill Archer and Sgt-at-Arms Dennis Reed, from the Post, along with VVA Commander Dan Pavese were in Attendance from Cape May County
October 23, 2023
Group Photo of attendees after the ceremony concluded.
October 24, 2023
Upper Township Trunk or Treat held at Amanda's Field in Petersburg.
The Post was able to participate this year as part of our American Legion suggested Halloween Safety program. We purchased and gave out all 675 pieces of candy and 200 Legion Comic Books.

PPC Dennis DeSalvo, Commander Bill Archer, Sr Vice Commander Ray Lambert and
Sgt-at-Arms Dennis Reed manned the Trunk. The Trunk or Treat event was held by the Upper Township Rescue Squad. The Post was also a Sponsor of the Event, there were signs posted at the entrence with our Post Name on them. We donated $250 for the Sponsorship.
We actually ran out of candy before it ended, so next year we know we'll need a little more and we'll need some sort of lighting, as it was a dark in our area. Everyone enjoyed themselves.
October 8, 2023
Wesley United Methodist Church
Co-Coordinator Kathy Chance accepts a $500 Donation From Adjutant Paul Sutton for Operation Christmas Child
October 26, 2023
Tuckahoe United Methodist Church
Pastor Mike Chapman and Treasurer Margie Klain accept a $500 Donation from Member Andy Klain for Operation Christmas Child
October 29, 2023
NJ Military Training Base, Sea Girt
Commander Bill Arche and Several Legion Dept Commanders were in attendance for the Yearly Governor's Review.
Adjutant General, General Hou started off the Briefing to the Veteran Organizations and Employers. Albanian Officers were in Attendance as well. Gave an overview of how the Army and Air National Guard units are doing.
Then off to the Parade Field for Governor Phil Murphy to Inspect the Troops.
October 29, 2023
The Post was formed in 1920.
The Post in Now 103 Years Old!
November 5, 2023
Corbin City Baptist Church
Pastor Randy Hooper Accepts a $500 Donation from Member 
Thresta Schlachter and Commander Bill Archer
For Operation Christmas Child

November 11, 2023 - Veteran's Day
The Post participated in the
Yearly Osprey Point Veteran's Day Ceremony

November 11, 2023
Garrett DeMarzo, 13, plays taps
during the Ceremony

November 11, 2023
Commander Archer places the wreath in front of Sgt William Godfrey Marker, which the Park was named after.


November 15, 2023
Busy Day for the Post. First stop was at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Wildwood. The third grade students took their yearly field trip to talk with the Veterans.

In the picture on the left, Sgt-at-Arms Dennis Reed speaks to the children as VVA 955 President Dan Pavese looks on. On the right, the children are looking and feeling the inscriptions of the fallen on the wall, as well as their reflections in the wall.


November 15, 2023 
From the Wall, Commander Archer presented a Donation from the Post to Lazarus House, accepted by Director Frank Stone.
Then on to Family Promise in Town Bank. VVA President Dan Pavese, Vice President of Family Promise Loretta Saggomo look on as Commander Archer and Sgt-at-Arms Dennis Reed present Family Advocate Kathleen O'Neill with a Donation from the Post.
Then finally, Commander Archer presented Robin McCauley, President and Founder of Project Love Cards, a donation from the Post for postage.
The final picture to the right, is of a post from some grateful recipients from Project Love Cards.


November 18, 2023
The Post participated in the Clean Community Road Clean up on Tuckahoe Road. 


December 6
Veteran's Christmas Luncheon at the North Wildwood Elks. Started up with Rev Deb Moore with the Opening Prayer, then we did the Pledge of Allegiance, Followed by some great food, then some people were able to get their pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus.


Kathy Tweed Did the Presentations

Mike Rybicki

Joe Georgio
Ed Kennedy
Ray Lambert

Don Marple

Charles Rutter
Paul Sutton
John Olansen
Roy Zehner
Dan Tozer

December 13, 2023 - Our last meeting of the year.
South Jersey Quilts of Valor attended to present 10 Members with Quilts. 

Dan Tozer and Commander Archer
Dennis and Nancy Reed
Kristine and Bill Archer

December 13, 2023

Pictured: Bill Eisele presenting the Certificate fo John and Terry Brittin as Commander Archer looks on.

Each year our Post recognizes a family business, at our Christmas Dinner, that has provided outstanding service and assistance which has contributed to advancement of programs and projects of our American Legion Post 239.

We had the dinner at Tuckahoe Inn for the second consecutive year. This year John and Terry Brittin are the recipients of the Honor. The Brittins own and operate the Village Pharmacy in Marmora.

John graduated from Camden County College with an Associate degree in Medical Lab Technologies and Histology in 1986. He then attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science graduating in 1989.

Terry graduated from Boston College with a B.S. in Biology and then attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science where she graduated in 1989.

John and Terry met in Pharmacy school and they married shortly after graduation.

They've supported the Post over the year's, so that is why they were chosen for this Honor and dinner with us.

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